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cullınan golf hotel

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Inspired by the most magnificent diamond ever discovered, shining in the heart of the Mediterranean, Cullinan Belek is opening its doors with its exclusive privileges. It is defining the most powerful quality of the concept of luxury by offering comfort, a gastronomy experience and extraordinary entertainment with its elegant and sophisticated rooms in different segments, private white sand beach and restaurants.

Cullinan Belek invites its distinguished guests to have unique experiences filled with serenity, joy and privileges where they will reconnect with all the beauties of life beyond just a holiday.Designed with ecological architecture in peace with nature, in an atmosphere created by the unique blues and greens of the Mediterranean where time seems to slow down, Cullinan Belek opens its doors to a mesmerizing world.Spread over a spacious area of 8000 square meters, C'espace Spa of Cullinan Belek welcomes its guests with its world-class service quality. Decorated with the peaceful combination of green and blue and enriched with design elements of color, texture and lighting concepts affecting the visual perception, C'espace Spa invites you to a miraculous spa experience. It offers various sports options for everyone with top-of-the-line fitness equipment on the one side and walking trails in the heart of nature on the other. Moreover, the guests who wish can exercise in their own room in private. A personal exercise area in guest rooms can be created with a treadmill, bicycle, and a sports bag with functional sports equipment inside.

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