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Despite being one of the more recently opened courses in the Belek region, the Carya Belek course has already won over a legion of fans and hosted a series of international tournaments. If you are looking for a demanding test of your golfing skills on a spectacular course, then look no further than the Carya Golf Course.

This enthralling 7,000 metre, par 72 course offers visiting golfers the chance to test their skills on a classic, heathland style golf course, set in a Mediterranean environment. The course designers, Thomson, Perrett and Lobb (founded by five time Open winner Peter Thomson) have worked hard to transpose a little touch of classic British golf, into a very un-British climate. Despite naturally cultivated heather and rolling fairways making an appearance, players can look forward to Turkish sunshine, and good golfing weather, all year round.

The course winds between natural pine and eucalyptus trees, and across undulating sand ridges, with white sand bunkers keeping players on their toes, and testing their ability to play a smarter game of golf. The mixture of terrains and hazards that players face as they complete their round will help to make for some truly unforgettable golfing experiences.

The Carya Golf course is also the first lighted golf course in Europe. 18 holes of the course are fully floodlight, meaning that visitors can enjoy the course late into the warm Turkish nights. At an intensely popular course like the Carya, the added benefit of being able to continue play after the sun has started to set is that it increases the number of available tee times for players.

Facilities at the Carya also include a spectacular new Club House to come home to once you have finished your round, and a world class Golf Academy, for those who are wanting to brush up on some of their skills.


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